SLDP – Certification of continuing Education & Advanced Training

The results of school education and the employment market research is showing permanent necessity of training and coaching for fostering opportunities of sustainable livelihood. In the case of a post-school training this means an arrangement of learning and professional practical phases including a personal development process.

As an example, two-­thirds of India’s population is under the age of 35 (e.g. round 700 million people), what is almost twice the size of the entire U.S. population or whole Europe with 45 countries. Similarly in most of the other developing economies the younger generations are higher in number and needs not only to find jobs but also to create for others.

And this only possible if the next generations are provided with the education, training and opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures, it will create the jobs necessary to stay on a growth trajectory, fostering new Start-ups.

Moreover, traditionally there are umpteen numbers of institutes, faculties, and centres in the urban areas, which provide the breeding ground for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and employers. But for populous developing countries in which more than half of the population lives in villages, this is much less than sufficient.

We need development programs with quality standards to foster propensity and capability of entrepreneurship among the underprivileged communities, at the bottom of the pyramid, which will lead to sustainable livelihoods based on local resources backed by global knowledge sharing.

However, to roll out SLDP to develop sustainable entrepreneurship calls for a robust quality assessment mechanism to guide the implementing organizations towards quantifiable success. Keeping with this requirement soceo has developed its Quality certification System for SLDP implementation, which will periodically assess each implementation partner and support the partner and the participants to follow the path of excellence.

Our Certification Standard (overview) 

  1. Assessment documentation (40 Standards): Questions/documents regarding e.g.
  • Vision and program strategy/development
  • Program (Program and project, organisation and management, location, participants, etc.)
  • Learning goals & methods (Quality, methodology, teaching staff, etc.)
  • Work load & individual counsel (Class contact, individual counsel, etc.)
  • Employability (Individual and community success, etc.)
  • Feedback (Feedback system, individual reflection, ideas, etc.)
  1. Interview/questionnaire: 2 days ‘on-site inspection’ with Stakeholder interviews (Program management, staff, trainer, participants), and (possible) class inspection.
  1. Outcome: Final assessment (regarding all characters), Recommendation on (critical) success factors (on program operations, sustainability …), and new ideas.

* Media activities for promote own image with Certification manager is possible (e.g. Documetray film, Webside Animation, etc.


Our experiences are reaching from Business School and University accreditation up to TVET in different countries and systems (e.g. Germany, India, France).

To know more about SLDP Certification, please contact SOCEO