Strategy for Entrepreneurship Development for ETASHA Society

Delhi, India

Beyond Boundaries – Entrepreneurship Development Strategy for Women in Mangolpuri, Delhi

Sustainable Livelihood Development Program (SLDP) is a scientific, time-bound and generic program for developing entrepreneurship and employability in a community. SLDP has earlier been implemented with success in India. Based on the generic nature of SLDP and the success it has demonstrated in India, we wanted to explore the possibility of rolling out SLDP in Democratic Republic of Congo.

As an area for a possible intervention, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo was chosen, since ChildFund Deutschland, which is a close partner of SOCEO, is engaged there since more than a decade. Furthermore, this area shows a strong need for new opportunities to obtain a sustainable livelihood, with large number of young men, women and adolescents being afflicted directly and indirectly by the two gruelling Congolese wars in the 1990s.

The Estimation Study

SOCEO undertook the Estimation Study to explore possible implementations of SLDP, which was conducted through extensive research. It included a review of literature, structured questionnaires and a field trip to the area with interviews and informal conversations with local organisations and general observations in the area.

In the Estimation Study, the strategy for a SLDP implementation in eastern Congo was elaborated. The report illustrated a concrete plan on how SLDP can be started with the engagement of ChildFund Deutschland and the local Congolese organisation OPDE.

Further information about SLDP in Congo can be found under the following link:  SLDP Uvira