Impact Assessment Study

Children of Vulnerable Families, Delhi, India

With its mantra “saving the next victim”, India Vision Foundation (IVF) was born in the year 1994, with the receipt of the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award by Dr. Kiran Bedi. The organization embodies, through its activities and achievements, her indomitable spirit, “it’s always possible”.

Serving and saving the children of vulnerable families of the prison inmates is a major project of IVF. The interventions are designed to provide the children with primary and secondary education, additional need-based residential boarding facilities and physical, cognitive & holistic personality development through various extra-curricular activities.

It is the first project of IVF that started working outside prisons for the benefit of children of crime-affected families. With this objective, activities such as home visits, school visits, birthday and festival celebrations, workshops are undertaken for nurturing these children towards high self-esteem and self-dependency

The impact assessment study

Currently SOCEO is conducting an impact assessment study with the specific objective to evaluate the impact of the interventions undertaken by India Vision Foundation so far, in the “Children of Vulnerable Families” project.

SOCEO has designed an appropriate research methodology to capture project outcomes by identifying appropriate counterfactual. The research methodology uses both secondary and primary information for the purpose of analysis. The primary data collection activities will start in New Delhi in May 2017.