Sustainable Livelihood Development Program: an Overview

Poverty creates a vicious cycle of humanitarian, environmental and socio-cultural degradations. It is the input as well as the output of this cyclic process. Economic self-reliance of a poor community is essential for a life of human dignity of its members and hopes for its posterity. Poverty is “the crisis” to be surmounted, in order to be successful in our initiatives for environmental, social and other humanitarian causes.

In most developing nations, the poor are poor not because they don’t work; they are poor mainly because they do underproductive, less value adding and mundane work. They lack education, basic factors of production and the capability and proclivity to add and claim adequate value in exchange of their products and services, for a life of human dignity. Fostering entrepreneurial initiatives, in an enabling external environment, is an effective way to counter this phenomenon.


An opportunity for a sustainable livelihood for all to preserve the dignity of life is the basic premise of a free society, though easier said than ensured. In reality, we cannot swiftly change or undo the existing distribution of resources, factors of production or accumulations influenced by historical, geo-political or cultural factors having global and local roots and implications. However, what we can definitely achieve is to offer all members of the society the capability and the freedom to responsibly exploit the available opportunities for individual and colllective welfares.

“Sustainable Livelihood development Program” or ‘SLDP’, is a scientific, time-bound, robust programmatic approach towards the above objective. SLDP aims at empowering the poorest of the poor to earn a life of dignity through competitive, innovative community-based entrepreneurial activity, replacing perpetual external aid.

How to become a partner?

NGOs & Funding Agencies

SLDP is meant for International NGOs offering economic resourses and their partner organisations in the developing countries. The programs can seamlessly integrate in to the existing initiatives of delivering social goods to the underprivileged communities. It can be customized for use in different geographies, cultures and economic contexts. SLDP ushers in sustainability to the intervention objectives donor and the partner by facilitating a culture and practice of economic self-reliance based on local resources and global know-how.

Institutional TVET Providers

SLDP is also designed to fit in to the TVET initiatives of organizations involved in this activity. Learning a skill and finding a job is definitely good, but perhaps even better is to be able to create one job. In the onslaught of automation, mid-level jobs are dwindling worldwide. In view of this, SOCEO intends to partner with organizations offering TVET to develop entrepreneurial capability and proclivity among the participants.

Feel free to contact us for a brainstorming to explore a horizon of possibilities with SLDP…