SPC Delhi 2016

“Many thanks for the wonderful privilege […]. I could see some genuine and extra-ordinary work carried out by unsung heroes.”

Sanskrity Sharan, Dty Director, Bombay Chambers

“It was an excellent initiative to bring together credible NGOs with Corporates.”

Harish Mehta, Dhanuka Agritech Limited

 “It was a pleasure interacting with the group of NGO representatives at the event. All projects were presented with a lot of dedication and sincerity.”

Puja Dave, LT Finance Holding

The first Social Priority Colloquium took place in New Delhi on February 24th & 25th 2016 at the PHD Chamber of Commerce. After a scanning and evaluation process by an in-house team of experts 10 most innovative, sustainable, credible project ideas were selected from 10 participating NGOs. Conceptualized as a capacity building and mentoring workshop, the first day of the SPC served as a learning platform for participating NGOs to improve content and technique of their project presentation to ensure effective communication of their ideas to the corporate invitees on the next day. On February 25th, the SPC was officially inaugurated by representatives from the three organizing entities and the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce. The participants of the 10 selected NGOs presented their project ideas while a panel of corporate representatives evaluated them. The corporate panel seized the opportunity to directly give feedback to the NGOs. Finally, corporates and NGOs sat together in a joint session to further develop the project ideas and to tackle and work on identified weaknesses.