SPC Kolkata 2018

The Social Priority Colloquium (SPC) is a platform for connecting innovative ideas of NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. It is a collaborative initiative of SOCEO, ChildFund Germany and ChildFund India, the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce and Senior Expert Service. This year’s main focus and theme will be Livelihood & Environment. Sustainability, particularly bearing on the holistic development of future generations, will feature as the core criterion for selecting project ideas.

In order to offer innovative ideas and to ensure high quality projects, the first four weeks of the SPC will be a period of intense selection, training and mentoring for participating NGOs and Social Enterprises starting on 8th of January. The activities in this period aim to enhance the capabilities of small-medium NGOs and Social Enterprises for developing innovative and creative solutions to pressing local issues.

Subsequently, on 8th of February, the NGOs and Social Enterprises will present their new and creative project ideas before representatives of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and other development agencies. Thereby, the event offers a unique opportunity for representatives of CSR initiatives and development agencies to get to know innovative project ideas in their more mature forms and to get in touch with NGOs and Social Enterprises. After the project presentations, the representatives of CSR initiatives and other development agencies will be asked to present their respective CSR or funding policies, activities and expectations. The event will end with an open session among all attendees during which the participating organisations will get the possibility to interact with each other in order to identify or potential partners for future development collaborations.

Please contact us for further information: rashmi.jha@soceo.de