Social Priority Colloquium – an overview

Small medium NGOs and social enterprises have relatively less direct access to the funding agencies, CSR funds, research support and international exposure. Many small medium NGOs and social enterprises, in spite of having the capability to design creative and innovative projects to solve local problems locally, suffer from chronic resource crunch. To counter existential problem, lot of them take up outsourced development, works of other NGOs, who have direct access to resource networks; in reality they become mere “service providers”. In many occasions, such ‘service’ projects may not be close to their heart and not the exact priority they would have set for themselves in case they had a platform, which can bring them closer to resource base. We believe that this phenomenon is a loss of talent, knowledge, social competence and motivation.

A Solution

To address these issues, to encourage local and innovative solutions for local problems, to foster creativity and self-efficacy among aspiring small medium NGOs and social enterprises, SOCEO, in collaboration with its partner organisations in India, introduces the Social Priority Colloquium – a platform that engages NGOs/Social entrepreneurs, corporate representatives (CSR), public funding agencies and academicians, in creating sustainable solutions for developmental challenges.


The Goal

  • To Bridge the gap between innovative project ideas from grass roots level NGOs & Social Entrepreneurs and interested CSR & other funding sources.
  • Focused group interactions and constructive feedback evoke insights on project ideas with relation to the expectations of corporate and other funding agencies.
  • NGOs and funding agencies are able to identify potential opportunities of collaborations in common areas of intervention and leverage resources for mutual benefit.
  • Capacity building of NGOs & Social Entrepreneurs and exchange of technical expertise and best practices across domains and among different stakeholders.


How does it work?

The primary objective of the SPC is to foster close cooperation, synergy, capacity building and exchange of expertise among the various actors of development initiatives. The SPC intends to offer the participating agencies a platform and a methodology to work together in creating projects that reflect the common vision of the stakeholders. The platform introduces to the companies and other funding agencies a group of new and creative projects from participating NGOs & Social Entrepreneurs. The projects are pre-selected and checked for sustainability, feasibility and credibility by an in-house team of experts. The process starts couple of months before the Colloquium’, which is planned as a two-day event.

The day-1 of the colloquium is earmarked for capacity building and mentoring workshop with the selected participant NGOs & Social Entrepreneurs and on the day-2 the participants present their projects to the panel comprising of CSR representatives and academic experts. The panellists offer feedback and evaluate the projects while getting to know new, innovative ideas and grass roots NGOs & Social Entrepreneurs. The corporate representatives also offer to the participants an overview of their CSR policies, activities, and expectations. During the process, the company representatives and NGOs & Social Entrepreneurs identify or select potential partners for future collaborations.