Combatting Plastic Pollution in the Sundarbans, India – Baseline Study (2018)

To understand the prevalent situation of plastic waste and its management, a baseline study was undertaken in two selected Gram Panchayats in the Sundarbans, India. The study was conducted using qualitative and quantitative data of primary sources and by a literature review. For quantitative assessment of the waste plastic, the accumulated plastic waste of the selected households was collected, weighed, segregated and recorded. Consequently, the approximate amount of plastic waste of the population was extrapolated. In addition a questionnaire was used to collect basic demographic data that included the family composition, waste disposal habits, environmental consciousness etc. of the selected households for qualitative data collection. The findings of the baseline study formed the basis for a larger study on plastic waste in different areas of the Sundarbans. The results serve as further benchmark in comparison with these other areas.

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