Sustainable Drinking Water Supply in the Sundarbans, India

There is a severe drinking water crisis in most parts of the Sundarbans, the deltaic region south of Kolkata in India. In this situation, a solution for smart and sustainable drinking water management is required to give access to safe and affordable drinking water. Portable Aqua Unit for Lifesaving (PAUL) is a gravity based low-pressure ultra filtration unit for decentralized water supply developed by Prof. Franz-Bernd Frechen from University of Kassel in Germany. As pilot, two PAULs have been set up as permanent stations that will be run by local self-help-groups in an entrepreneurial manner to ensure long-term maintenance and thereby sustainability.

As part of the model implementation, Soceo is conducting a GIS-based assessment to identify suitable localities for larger implementation of PAUL.

The project has been funded by Stiftung Deutscher Lions and ChildFund Deutschland e.V. Soceo designed the project and conducted the suitability study. It is monitoring its implementation through filial local partners.

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