Note from the Author

These essays are the result of a study that Sujoy has described in the introduction to the series.

For reasons beyond our control, finalizing and uploading of these essays has been inordinately delayed. Updating of information proves particularly difficult for information gathered during field visits to cooperatives. Nevertheless, efforts are underway to update as far as possible.

As is usual in such cases, the study was made possible because of generous assistance from many. As is also usual in such cases, the list of all those who have helped—directly or indirectly—can be stretched almost indefinitely. Trying to name everyone would be to attempt the impossible. Here, I shall formally acknowledge only those who have been directly involved in deliberately assisting the study or the essays that flow from it.

I am grateful to:

ChildFund Deutschland for supporting the study through SOCEO, with special mention of Mr. Joern Ziegler, the CEO of ChildFund Deutschland;

My friend and co-activist Mr. Mukut Roy Choudhury for being a ceaseless source of wisdom and example for me (he is a wonderful cooperator whose work is guided and inspired by community-based action, and he has been the main organizer behind the scene for many cooperatives and self-help groups);

The noted economist and authority on cooperatives Prof. Samar Datta, for being a source of valuable guidance and practical help;

My friend and colleague in DISHA Mr. Pradip Chatterjee, for providing me with the contacts of two very important fishers’ cooperatives in Maharashtra;

My friend and colleague in the SOCEO team Ms. Rajul Bharti, for putting me in touch with the SEWA Federation in Gujarat and for being a source of constant help during the whole trip and particularly the interviews.

Prof. Jayanta Bandyapadhyay, for putting me in touch with the Library at IIM Calcutta;

Dr. Swati Bhattacharya, the Librarian at IIM Calcutta, and other members of the Library Staff.

It is a privilege to thank my fellow members in the SOCEO team who are directly involved with the study or with the web-publishing of these essays. I thank Mr. Sujoy Chatterjee, whose interest and zeal drove the study and who is largely responsible for bringing it anywhere near completion; I thank Ms. Anna Richter for carefully reading the essays, detecting defects, and helping to make these long information-dense essays less burdensome for the reader; I must say the same for Ms. Sarah Gekeler, who, although she came in at a later stage, has provided brilliant and assiduous editorial support, with a keen eye for slips and goof-ups. And, of course, I thank Mr. Cai Oliver Thier for doing a great job with these web pages.

It goes without saying that the study has received generous help from persons attached to organizations I visited in the course of the study. I shall desist from mentioning the names on this page. Rather, I shall acknowledge these persons and organizations at the end of the essays devoted to these organizations.

Santanu Chacraverti                                                                                                                    Kolkata, December 2016