Sustainable Livelihood Development Program

Sustainable Livelihood Development Program leverages SOCEO’s vast experience in entrepreneurship development to empower organisations in developing entrepreneurs and an ecosystem beneficial to entrepreneurship within a community.

SLDP is doing so by optimally blending latest social theories and modern management practices with hands-on trainings and practical experiences. In its unique way it creates an entrepreneurial community for future sustainability.

Implement SLDP to empower communities to combat poverty, inequality and environmental degradation through sustainable entrepreneurship.

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SLDP is a time-bound, scientific, robust, programmatic approach. It starts by assessing the existing conditions within the community to identify areas of opportunity. It lays the ground for lasting organisational structures for the community to identify and support future entrepreneurs. 

The central component of SLDP is its Entrepreneurship Training, which develops the capability among participants to apply innovative entrepreneurial solutions in combating poverty. Through different interactive sessions the entrepreneurs learn the entire process from identifying market opportunities, generating ideas, prototyping & modelling to building and sustaining viable businesses. 

In the end, the organisation supports facilitating access to funding and offers the trainees interesting & relevant structures for peer-group learning and mentoring.

SLDP works as stand-alone entrepreneurship program or as component of any other program:

  • You are running an agricultural program for small-holder farmers? With over 1000 small-holder farmers trained in agro entrepreneurship, we can also introduce an entrepreneurial spirit within farming communities to enable farmers to perceive their agriculture as entrepreneurial activity and to learn how to make their agriculture more efficient.
  • You want to reduce vulnerability of children? We can strengthen the families’ livelihood through SLDP to create safe spaces and more opportunities for children.
  • You are working on afforestation? We can work with you to inspire and enable the community take care of the trees in an entrepreneurial way in the long run.
  • You want to combat the menace of plastic waste? We can consult you in establishing entrepreneurial community-run waste management systems and train the community in entrepreneurship.
  • You strive to improve the food security of a community? We can support you in strengthening the livelihoods of involved households for future sustainability.


Sustainable Development Goal N° 1 is to ‘End poverty in all its forms everywhere.’

Even today, it can be estimated that 1 out of 10 lives below poverty line. Poverty has multiple and interlinked causes and dimensions: economic, human, political, socio-cultural, health and security related. Poverty is perhaps “the most” visible and important metric of the economic inequality that we encounter in human societies today.

Poor are poor not because they don’t work – they are poor mainly because mostly they do under productive, low value adding and mundane work. They lack education, basic factors of production and the conviction to add and claim adequate value to obtain a life of human dignity in exchange of their products and services. To combat poverty, we need to combat this phenomenon. Fostering entrepreneurial initiative, in an enabling business environment, is the most effective way of combating poverty.