SLDP: Lake Region


The project “Support for young people as entrepreneurs and sustainable livelihoods in two sub-counties Rongo and Rachuonyo in Kenya“ is being implemented by ChildFund Kenya and Lake Region Development Program (LRDP). It is supported by ChildFund Deutschland and German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.
As part of the project Sustainable Livelihood Development Program (SLDP) enables 300 youths to start their own entrepreneurial venture. SOCEO has conducted the Baseline & Market Opportunity Study and has trained the Entrepreneurship Trainers. It is consulting the project team in the process of applying SLDP.

Rongo and Rachuonyo

Located at the shore of famous Lake Victoria, Rongo and Rachuonyo are two sub-counties in the West of Kenya. Due to Kenya’s young society with more than 50 % being below the age of 24, youth unemployment is amongst the country’s most pressing problems and especially in this region prevalent. Further, high rates of HIV/Aids have left many children orphaned and sometimes they are even infected themselves. In this situation, the households of grandmothers became the place of refuge for many children. However, most grandmothers struggle to take care of many children at the same time.

Today youth in the lake region often are poorly educated, lack financial means and social capital to compete in the contested labour market. Thus, they end up not working at all or at a minimum wage in unstable employment.

The project and its objectives:

The aim of the project “Support for young people as entrepreneurs and sustainable livelihoods in two sub-counties Rongo and Rachuonyo in Kenya” is to make entrepreneurial skills more accessible to 300 young people and to strengthen 600 grandmother households in ten sub-locations in Rongo and Rachuonyo sub-counties.

SLDP in Kenya

Sustainable Livelihood Development Program (SLDP) is being implemented in the scope of this project in order to create self-employment and increase the employability of 300 youth. In the context of this project SLDP has been adapted to the specific need of the target group by introducing a Market Opportunity Identification Study’ as a tool to assess the market and identify entrepreneurial opportunities. In December 2018, the local team members and government representatives were trained in SLDP during the Training of the Entrepreneurship Trainer (ToT), who started training Basic & Advanced Entrepreneurship Training consequently and facilitated the funding of selected ideas with seed-money.