youth-led action against plastic waste

The Challenge

How can we create lasting behavioral change towards more sustainable usage of plastic and the management of its waste?

The Objective

Empowering students with the knowledge and tools to manage plastic waste sustainably and become agents of change

The Location

West Bengal, India

Mismanaged plastic waste is a major threat to the well-being of our environment. Rapid urbanization and growth of population make collection and waste management more challenging, especially in developing regions. Helping societies with the right knowledge and tools to better cope with their waste is a key factor to create a more sustainable future.

Changemakers empowers students with the knowledge and tools to manage plastic waste sustainably. In 2022 a pilot project was implemented across 69 selected high schools in the Sundarbans and the metropolitan Kolkata region. Over 45,000 students participated in the pilot and learned about plastic and its sustainable waste management through various hands-on activities including upcycling workshops, community dialogues and interactive learning sessions.

Soceo has designed the behavioral change material, conducted the Baseline Study and developed the printed as well as digital material. A transfer concept has been developed that allows to scale the initiative to other regions in future.

“Changemakers is really effective and has changed the students’ outlook towards waste plastic and their daily habits relating to waste disposal. Waste plastics like wrapper of biscuits or chips are no longer lying around so much on our school compound and in the surroundings of the school area.”

Headmaster of participating school in Kolkata, India


Empowering and equipping the next generation of agents of change for a more sustainable future


Changing towards more sustainable practices around plastic waste helps to keep the environment clean


Contributing to a circular economy creates opportunities among societies

We are contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

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