Our Vision

We want to enable people to create a better future for themselves through entrepreneurship. In doing so we are innovative and help every individual to realise his or her entrepreneurial potential. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to create a sustainable society.

Our Mission

We offer the knowledge and practice of sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation. We train, coach and partner our customers in developing entrepreneurial solutions. Individuals and communities in challenging social, economic & environmental circumstances are our focus of attention. We are driven by the passion to identify, develop and foster entrepreneurial opportunities.
Who we are
What drives us


Poverty is a moral problem for the free, democratic society apart from its social, cultural or humanitarian manifestations. The freedom of pursuing individual welfare and the responsibility of ensuring a common minimum opportunity for all members to do so, capture the quintessential structural duality of free societies.


Since decades, development agencies have been trying to address the issue of poverty and inequality. Strategies have been put in to practice to make things easier or cheaper for the poor but rarely equal. Programs have been implemented to build capacity among poor but efforts to develop capability and self-efficacy have been largely omitted.


An opportunity for a sustainable livelihood for all to preserve the dignity of life is the basic premise of a free society. We cannot easily change or undo the existing distribution of resources. However, what we can definitely achieve is to offer all members of the society the capability and the freedom to access available opportunities for individual welfare.
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