At Soceo, we are innovating with ideas that contribute to a sustainable future.

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We are engaged in consulting, research and project management impacting at the intersection of entrepreneurship and environment.

Dedicated to develop solutions for some of the biggest challenges our societies are facing today.

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Powering start-ups

In today’s rapidly changing world, entrepreneurship is a vital driver of economic growth, job creation and societal development. Socially driven entrepreneurial ventures are addressing some of the most pressing challenges of our time. As the global landscape becomes more complex and competitive along with rapidly developing new technologies, fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship is a key to creating equal opportunities across societies.

Contributing to a circular economy

Contributing to a circular economy promotes resource efficiency, reduces environmental degradation, and fosters long-term economic sustainability by minimizing waste and maximizing the value of resources through recycling, reusing, and regenerating. It also encourages innovation, job creation, and resilient business models that can adapt to changing resource availability and market demands.

Arresting climate change

Arresting climate change is crucial to preserve the habitability of our planet for future generations. We have to mitigate the adverse effects of rising temperatures, reduce the risk of extreme weather conditions and protect ecosystems and biodiversity collectively.

Learning for a sustainable future

To learn about the planetary challenges, such as climate change or loss of biodiversity, against a global perspective and understanding the interconnectedness of our actions, inactions and their consequences is vital for our common future. Such learnings equip us with the knowledge and capacity needed to address global challenges collectively.

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At Soceo, we are a group of entrepreneurs, academics, artists and contributors. We come from different spheres of life and have different reasons why. But we are inspired to come together at Soceo and work on our common vision.

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what does the name Soceo stand for?


Our work at Soceo centers around human-nature interactions. We design, consult and implement projects and initiatives in collaboration with partners that aim to serve the society.


At Soceo, we aim to contribute to a cleaner, greener and healthier environment. We are innovating with ideas contributing to balancing human endeavor and ecological needs.


We cannot easily undo historically grown inequalities on a large scale, but we can try to create more opportunities for as many as possible. And that is what we aim at through our work at Soceo.