Poverty is a moral problem for the free, democratic society apart from its social, cultural or humanitarian manifestations. The ‘freedom’ of pursuing individual welfare and the ‘responsibility’ of ensuring a common minimum opportunity for all members to do so, capture the quintessential structural duality of free societies.


Since decades, development agencies have been trying to address the issue of poverty and inequality. Efforts have been designed mostly with a top-down approach laced with “symbolic violence”. Strategies have been put in to practice to make things easier or cheaper for the poor but rarely equal. Programs have been implemented to build capacity or static skill among poor but efforts to develop capability and “self-efficacy” have been largely omitted.


An opportunity for a sustainable livelihood for all to preserve the dignity of life is the basic premise of a free society, though easier said than ensured. In reality, we cannot swiftly change or undo the existing distribution of resources, factors of production or accumulations influenced by historical, geo-political or cultural factors having global and local roots and implications. However, what we can definitely achieve is to offer all members of the society the capability and the freedom to responsibly exploit the available opportunities for individual welfare.

Welcome to SOCEO!

We are a consulting and research agency, working internationally with NGOs, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, Development Agencies and Academic Institutions to foster socio-economic empowerment of the underprivileged and impoverished section of the society. We are a not-for-profit company based in Germany and are active internationally through our filial agencies and partners.

Close to the imperial city of Agra or and not far from the royal, vintage Jaipur, Firozabad is a suburban industrial town in the north of India. Famous for its glassware and especially Bangles, Firozabad is equally notorious for the prevalence of Child Labour in their production.

ChildFund India is running Disha Children’s Program in Firozabad to combat the menace of Child Labour. The program is fully sponsored by ChildFund Germany. In 2013, Sustainable Livelihood development Program” or ‘SLDP’, has been introduced in the project to develop entrepreneurial proclivity and capability among the community memebers and especially the youth. ‘Sopan’ is a film that documents SLDP intervention and its effects in Disha program. Aditionally, the canvas of the film portrays with equal sincerity, the struggle of the community for a sustainable livelihood. The complete film will be available soon.