Transformative Agriculture

The Challenge

How can we make farming communities more resilient and sustainable?

The Objective

Improving and diversifying agricultural practices of farming communities for more resilience

The Location

North Bengal, India

The agricultural project works with 120 members from farming communities that are vulnerable to the effects of climate change and changing circumstances in the Himalaya. The selected participants’ main source of income is agriculture, but in most cases does not generate sufficient income.

The project aims to economically strengthen the participants by supporting the farmers to transition towards sustainable agricultural practices, providing advanced training for diversification or production and entrepreneurial guidance for better use of available opportunity.

Soceo has designed the project and is supporting the local implementing partner through its expertise in entrepreneurship development.


Contributing to the economic uplifting of vulnerable agricultural communities


Improving nature-friendly farming methods for long-term sustainability


Creating entrepreneurial opportunities against the effects of climate change

We are contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

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