Climate Change & Gender Equality

The Challenge

How can we strengthen women living in weak socio-economic conditions and being affected by climate change and gender inequality?

The Objective

Empowering women groups to develop viable entrepreneurial opportunities considering the effects of climate change and aiming to increase gender equality

The Location

Sundarbans, West Bengal, India

Through this project, Soceo transferred its expertise in the area of entrepreneurship and gender equality to women in self-help-groups in the Sundarbans in India.

Soceo initially customized the training material and consequently trained two selected women from 23 women groups. The women then in turn trained their fellow group members and undertook selected activities. For example, they conducted market visits following Soceo’s tested method to identify potential entrepreneurial ideas. Afterwards, the groups met with representatives from different governmental bodies to get more information about available support schemes. The results of the project were captured in a review workshop and its findings were shared with five local organizations.

The project has been designed by Soceo and implemented in collaboration with a local NGO.


Empowering women living in vulnerable economic and social situations


Offering guidance for communities living under threat of the effects of climate change


Fostering entrepreneurial opportunities that serve the people and the environment

We are contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

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