Future Founders

The Challenge

How can we foster entrepreneurial skills among children in school?

The Objective

Educating children on entrepreneurship, creativity and sustainability to inspire them to become entrepreneurs.

The Location

Kumasi, Ghana

Future Founders is a co-curricular educational program for students to learn the basics of entrepreneurship and sustainability. As part of the interactive and digital learning journey, the students also develop their creativity, team-working skills, strategic thinking abilities and planning capacities. Future Founders is currently getting implemented as a pilot project in five selected schools in Kumasi, Ghana.

Soceo has designed the educational material and is providing the digital learning platform. It has also conducted the baseline study and will consult the local team during the implementation.


Empowering and equipping the next generation of agents of change for a more sustainable future


Inspiring young minds to develop business models that consider the importance of a green and healthy environment from the beginning


Contributing to developing entrepreneurial skills among youth from a young age

We are contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

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